Road Rage Nightmare

I finally had one of those dreams where you wake up from a dream within a dream. I never thought it possible until last night.

I dreamed I was driving on the road behind some jerk who was swerving and braking in front of me, just to try and make me crash into him, when I just thought 'to Hell with this jerk' and just put my foot on the gas, slammed into his rear end, and drove him off the road. He flipped and then my car rolled over and over. in a cloud of dust.

I woke up. At first I thought with great relief it was just a dream, but I gradually realized I was in a strange hotel room and not at my real home. I got up and looked out the window and my car was not there.

The feeling of dread instantly washed over me. "Oh my God! This is not a dream! It's not a dream!" This was the feeling you get the moment after the moment you have a car accident, where at first you deny it's real and almost convince yourself it's just a dream, but the next moment is the dread you feel knowing there is no escape from the situation.

The hotel room had cheap wood paneling and tan trim loosely nailed around the windows. The details of the scene sharpened as if I was really coming awake. Then I woke up in my real bed but I wasn't sure.
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