When rape is reported in the news media, many people have an irrational reaction and make sweeping generalizations about categories of people to which they do not belong.

It's east to make assumptions about everyone who belongs to one of these groups, if you don't belong to one or more of these groups: Poor people, rich people, dark people, light people, men, women, different language speaking people, skinny people, fat people, tall people, short people, bald people, uniformed people, exposed people, covered-up people, hat wearing people, facial hair people, different eye-shape people, tattooed people, political people, religious people, secular people, deformed people, low-pants people, backwards hat people, etc.

  • Rape occurs when people assume consent instead of actually asking for consent.
  • Fashion is not consent.
  • Consent as defined in your own culture does not apply in other cultures.
  • Rape occurs when people get consent but their partner is not at the legal age for consent based on state laws.
  • Rape occurs when people get consent but their partner is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Here are some links to help you understand consent:

Evolution Revolution

You probably heard about the recent scientific breakthrough where human embryos had their DNA altered using a new process called CRISPR. The embryos were never allowed to grow into living babies, but perhaps they should.

If we are to evolve enough to be able to survive on our toxic planet with the extreme conditions resulting from human influenced climate change, we may need to create a super-human species after all.

A species that can eat plastic for energy. A species that can survive in extreme heat and drought. A species immune to Glyphosate. A species capable of adapting its immune system to new super-infections.

The world is changing too fast for Natural Selection. We live in a global environment that requires the hand of science to reach into the abyss of unethical advancement for the sake of our survival as a species.

The Senate Movement

A photograph is worth a thousand words, so they say. It's true. One image can carry a vast amount of information, but only for people who know about the subject portrayed.

Star Wars fans are out there now, trying to make Internet search engine results first show the image of Emperor Palpatine ( actor Ian McDiarmid ) whenever anyone enters the search term "senate" or "the senate"

You can guess from this the obvious the senate is an enathema to the people.

What have we become? We have the right to question authority, yet we seem to elect the worst kind of people. Why? Because we are manipulated into doing so. We elect people who are good at appealing to our pre-conceived beliefs. Not people who know what we need and must make decisions we don't like in order to save us.