The Senate Movement

A photograph is worth a thousand words, so they say. It's true. One image can carry a vast amount of information, but only for people who know about the subject portrayed.

Star Wars fans are out there now, trying to make Internet search engine results first show the image of Emperor Palpatine ( actor Ian McDiarmid ) whenever anyone enters the search term "senate" or "the senate"

You can guess from this the obvious enathema the public has for government, if I'm using the word correctly, the people are only responding to the obvious contempt toward them, from those in power.

What have we become? We have the right to question authority, yet we seem to elect the worst kind of people. Why? Because we are manipulated into doing so. We elect people who are good at appealing to our pre-conceived beliefs. Not people who know what we need and must make decisions we don't like in order to save us.

Solar System Centrifuge Hypothesis

I want to run a science experiment where I build a 12 foot wide cone that slopes at maybe only two to five degrees from the center, put it on a variable speed turntable. While the turntable is slowly spinning, I would then add water loaded with materials of varying mass, until the spinning water reaches the edge of the cone but does not flow over the edge.

The idea is to see if the materials suspended in the water settles at specific distances from the center. Would material of similar mass coalesce at the same distance from the center? Would there even be a reasonable separation of material?

Since the gravity of our solar system appears to have similarly separated the rocky inner planets from the gaseous outer planets, with some minor exceptions, I'm wondering if in all this time we have advanced our material sciences and built a Periodic table, we have only discovered a fragment of the material that exists in the universe?

Mutant Apocalypse Nightmare

After a series of stupid mistakes that served to remind me why I can't have nice things or a nice job, I had a horrible and long nightmare. The culmination of my mishaps lead to an ultimate failure.

The team of scientists were anxiously awaiting my entrance to the facility with the launch codes and the formula to release a vaccine around the world to prevent something, God knows what. I get out of the truck and the package I'm holding slips out of my hands and bounces on the hard ground a couple of times. Everyone screams and I swear out-loud "Dammit! That's why I can't have nice things!"

I jolt myself awake for moment, The feeling is still there. I fade back to sleep and into a nightmare. I'm now in a huge facility, almost as big as a shopping mall, but there's broken glass, bullet holes, and piles of charred furniture against most of the doorways.

There are some people with me arguing about which way to run or how to fight back. Fight back against a horde of people who mutated into dog-sized hungry land-piranhas. The weird thing is they were still sentient. They tried to cajole me into letting them have my legs. One was almost persuasive, but he was just too gross looking.

I finally ran out of places to hide.