Night Panic

Chronic Anxiety is hard to deal with, especially if you can't afford health care. I was diagnosed back in 1999 when I had company insurance. I haven't had a Doctor since I was laid off in 2001. While I could afford the prescription for Busbar I was able to recognize that what I was feeling was internal, and had nothing to do with anyone or anything else. This is when I learned that I owned my feelings, all of them.

Occasionally when I get acclimated to a different work or living environment I tend to forget that I choose how I feel in every situation. Then in the dead of night when I wake up in a state of near panic, I get out my earbuds and listen to through my phone. Specifically, Blues Before Sunrise. You can find the play list at

The key is that it's not the music I grew up with. It's from long before I was alive. Listing to familiar music just makes me emotional, nostalgic and regretful, reminding me of the old days when I thought people made me feel bad and I reacted badly.

If nothing else works, try the steps at

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