Dirt Law

Once upon a time there was this lovely couple who bought some land in Missouri. They loved camping, but one day someone bought the lot next door and thought the road leading to the couple's land was part of his land. He yelled at the couple for trespassing.

The sheriff showed up and told the man that the couple had a right-of-way, but he didn't care. He would make as much trouble as possible for the couple as they tried to get to their own land.

The neighbor bullied and threatened the couple. They went to the sheriff, then hired lawyers and went to court, but neither the sheriff nor the court cared. So the bully also bought the land on the other side of the road, then blocked the entrance to the couple's land.

The couple had no recourse but to contact a reporter from a large newspaper. The reporter wrote a story about the couple and tried to interview the sheriff, the lawyers and the judges, but they ignored his request for an interview.

He husband said "there's no law there." and frustrated with everything just stayed away.

The answer was staring him in the face. The complete lawlessness of the area made it fertile for anyone of vicious disposition, and so the area was overrun by a motley band of thugs. The bully, the sheriff, the lawyers and the judges were never seen nor heard from again.

The end.

Law and Justice are Unrelated

Law must be consistent with morality. Morality is founded on empathy and fairness or justice. When law diverges from morality, justice is no longer related to law. Law is entirely subjective to the interpretations of the powerful. Justice is rigidly attached to morality.

When the divergence of law and justice becomes great enough, symptoms emerge in the form of negative economic circumstances such as poverty and economic-related crimes. The rulers become labeled as apathetic or malevolent tyrants.

When the divergence of law and justice is grieved in public, the law must be adjusted or the powerful will be swept away in revolution.

Suspending Disbelief

I remember one summer when I was still a teenager I had the opportunity to stay in a Michigan lakefront summer cottage surrounded by miles of forest starting in early June so I could look for a summer job at one of the local cherry canneries during harvest time. Up and down the old dirt road nearly all the neighboring houses were empty. On a dusty book shelf I found a copy of Stephen King's Salem's Lot

I couldn't turn off the lights in the house for days, and all the many nights offered from the uncovered windows was the sound of the forest and the not-so-distant water, and complete darkness, as if the windows were painted black on the outside and the reflections from within caused such great cognitive dissonance I had not the courage to turn off the lights to aid in seeing through the windows unobstructed. I was terrified at what I might see if I did.

As I get older, it becomes harder to suspend disbelief. the supernatural holds nothing over me anymore. No evidence of a supernatural audience or ghostly influence holds court or sway. This is from experience of pure gullibility and its consequences. When I was young I was heavily influenced by fundamentalist religion and people who believed in ghosts and aliens visiting earth.

I never saw a ghost and I know that U.F.O. means Unidentified Flying Object, nothing more.

When I was in the Navy I was standing watch at the stern of the U.S.S. Hermitage when over the headset the Port Lookout reported the planet Venus as a contact because it was so much brighter than actual stars. So many member s of the crew came from urban environments where the stars cannot be seen due to light pollution.

At sea in the pitch dark of night there may be moon and star light, but most of the time we could only see the dim green bio luminescence of  sea creatures under the surface. During the day you would never know anything was just under the surface with exception of fins, breaches by dolphins and whales, and occasional flying fish.

What creatures lurk in the murk? What creatures lurk outside our windows at night, obscured by the reflections of our safe hearths and in the shadows of pyres? It's a regular topic on a radio show hosted by George Noory on Coat-To-Coast-AM. I can no longer suspend my disbelief without great effort by an author, but you should add George Noory to your bucket list of experiences. The callers into his show are totally worth it.

ZIKA: None The Wiser

The virus escaped from the lab into the jungle and was picked up by a hiker. Only this time the hiker wasn't bitten by a monkey, but a mosquito. The hiker was just wealthy enough to get the attention of the press when she gave birth to a child suffering from Microcephaly.

Until then, local villagers who produced such offspring with regularity went unnoticed. The white volunteers took the burdensome infants from grateful mothers who were desperate to get back to work in the fields.

The Microcephalic children were raised and their organs harvested, none the wiser, until the virus spread out of control into wealthy population centers.

The End

Storage Locker

The pieces of wood and plastic are unrecognizable strewn and disassembled, scattered for countless days across the dusty concrete floor in the darkness of a sun-baked steel room. A note past-due is now the only friend of the rusty steel tomb, calling to sullen guests who arrive in red polyester vests, steel-toed boots and work gloves bearing shovels, dust pans and brooms.

A parade to the dumpster begins of boxes, bags of moldy clothes and children's broken toys. Disassembled bed frames and dressers missing drawers. The flotsam in the dusty sweeps are long forgotten photos, left behind for lack of space or time to carry. Papers scrawled with crayoned flowers, grass, dogs and cats in a fantasy life of peace. There simply was no more money to keep the property clean.

There are countless such trails of debris across the world, a shedding of hopes and dreams. The meaning of community and comfort erodes until all that is left is to survive. What becomes of the children raised on the road between low wage jobs and constant hunger, watching their parents leave behind broken pieces of their lives?

Review of Stranger Things on Netflix SPOILER ALERT

At first I thought Winona Ryder's character was written a little too weak for her. Although her character does win validation it seemed implicit and undersold. There are also some plot holes but I'm not sure if they were deliberate.

The violence is shared between two antagonists and is explicit by one and implicit by the other, but not too gratuitous which allows your imagination to take over.

After decades of exposure to various forms of fiction, it's easy for me to see a quilt of classic plot formulas and character developments from such films as E.T.Stand By MeItFire Starter, and Silent Hill, but younger viewers will definitely enjoy this new twist.

Latest Nightmare

I went to sleep listening to ancient history documentaries on YouTube. Nightmare's ensued. Aside from the Badger with the head of a Warthog snapping at my ankles from under my rickety front steps, I was still reeling from being stuck on the beach surrounded by the predators. This family in a camper saw my plight and quickly backed up through the gauntlet of gnashing teeth and I was able to only climb up the rear ladder before I was swarmed from below. The camper got stuck in the sand. The animal preserve was closed.

The Weird Lada Curse of Russian Dash-Cam Videos

Late One Night, waking up in a dreary hangover, I started browsing YouTube and happened upon a series of channels featuring car dash-cam videos of accidents.

It was compelling and satisfying being judgmental about the bad driving habits of other people, watching them submit violently to their karma.

There were many mishaps from new, ignorant drivers, but what was most disturbing is the statistical anomaly that one particular type of car would be involved in accidents, or, at least be present in a video where an accident would occur.

Maybe they are just everywhere, but it just seemed strange to me. Here are some of the YouTube Channels featuring such incidents.

Car Crash

Car Crash and Fails Compilation

Crazy Russian Drivers

Mega Driving School

YouTube Supernatural BS

It's probably not new, but it's starting to show up on the YouTube suggested videos feed at the home page.

Instead of directly superimposing clear images of "alien space craft," people are now superimposing nearly invisible blurry images of "alien space craft" and fading them in and out. It almost had me for a second except the OP described it as a huge alien space craft.

Next, animals that almost seem to talk like humans. Someone was holding a conversation with his cat who seemed to respond with correct inflections in a cat dialect, but the acoustics didn't match and I detected a synthesized reverb effect. Some low-cost apps also have filthy pitch-change algorithms. I doubt the program used was Sound Forge. 

The Curse of Stillness

You're watching the sunset in a small village in Central America. An old witch walks up and curses you with "stillness," meaning you are suddenly unable to move. Literally unable to move at all in the universe.

The earth, however, rotates at about 1,000 miles per hour, travels around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, and the solar system travels around the Milky Way galaxy at around 514,000 miles per hour, and who the Hell knows how fast the Milky Way galaxy is moving through the cluster, then there's the cluster itself and so on and so on.

What infernal obstruction lies in your path?

Salem and Z-Nation on Netflix

Season 2 of Salem is out on Netflix. Every time a new season comes out I love to start watching from scratch. In season 1, episode 3, character John Alden interrupts three thieves plundering an orphanage. He fires his musket pistol into the ceiling and says "The next one's to your head." But wait, he would need to pour gunpowder down the barrel, drop in another lead ball and put on another firing cap before getting to "the next one."

There may be many such inconsistencies, especially in the dialogue, but for the benefit of the audience, necessary sacrifices must be made.

Anyway, I'm also re-watching The Walking Dead, but Z-Nation is also still available and it's totally nuts to watch compared to how serious TWD takes itself. Like Peter Griffin says "It insists upon itself." So Salem now makes me yearn to watch Z-Nation, the kind of cinematic style that reminds me of Paul VerhoevenTobe Hooper, or George A. Romero,

Rumors & Scandals: Issue 5

Conservative Outfitters
Shocking revelation about Carly Fiorina at the bottom of the article.

U.S. News & World Report
Donald Trump Campaign blamed.

Political Insider
Some Tweets from people I never heard of.

It's possible that the PH balance of tap water may suddenly change due to certain maintenance techniques used at water treatment facilities. Highly acidic water may be related to outbreaks of Gout and Arthritis.

Does the world really want to know this?

It just occurred to me this morning that my Gout attacks seems to happen on a regularly scheduled basis. I'm beginning to suspect that regular maintenance at water treatment plants might occasionally cause the PH of the water to become highly acidic.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's time for a
General overview with links to other wiki pages for each film

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
List includes star ratings and detailed lists of cast members. Bonus: Trailers

The 2014 "Reboot" not on the previous list.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Rage of the Masses

Where did it start? The incessant lies about economic recovery by the main-stream media?

The fact that wages are inversely proportional to the number of shift hours per week so everyone is basically in poverty no matter the hourly pay rate?

The fact that international trade deal after trade deal has always resulted in job losses, trade deficits and lower commodity prices for America?

The fact that foreign millionaires and billionaires can buy American citizenship?

The fact that companies create a "skills gap" myth so they can import foreign labor under H1B work visas?

The fact that the right to free speech is used as bait by police to brutalize and intimidate citizens exercizing that right?

The fact that foreign corporations are buying up most of the properties that went bankrupt in the housing crisis?

Perhaps it's because the alternative media is exposing the Donor Class that controls both Democrat and Republican politicians, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe President Obama's Attorney General never convicted a Wall Street Banker?

Maybe it's the Coal and Oil industries trying to thwart clean energy?

Maybe it's crazy cult leaders trying to vilify science education?

Maybe it's men trying to get between a woman and her doctor?

The resistence to Marijuana as a viable commody?

It's total insanity!

Theatrical Devices

I found a meme about Governor Christ Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump which had a familiar sound-track from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Vertigo or Psycho, I can't remember which, but it was composed by Bernard Herrmann, so I searched YouTube for the sounds. Here are a few samples.

New Ghost Effect?

Here's something I have not seen yet in any scary movie: Ghosts which can only be seen in reflections. Kind of the opposite of Vampires. It requires a very expensive set design due to the complexity required to render accurate reflections.

It may require something like a hallway with a transparent floor, but with reflective surfaces on the sides and ceilings, on both the upright and upside-down renderings of the hallways.

Actors will wander across the transparent floor, being recorded by an upside-down camera, creating the illusion that direct observation of someone in the room is impossible, yet the mind will approximate their position in the room by peripheral reflections. It should create a highly disturbing effect.

Drone Harvest

Near the end of the second world war and despite the Geneva Convention's banning of chemical warfare, scientists backed by capitalist elites were fervently searching for ways to fight Communism or at the very least, control the masses.

It was long understood that Mercury and Lead caused madness and dullness of mind, but the masses were highly aware of such toxins and regularly elected officials who fought against the spread of such contaminants, with respect to Thomas Midgley Jr. who imbued gasoline with lead for the sake of "preventing engine-knock in the internal combustion engine," brilliant! It created a generation of highly productive subservient workers who built the biggest economy in the world. It wasn't until 1986 that Lead was banned from gasoline.

Still, back in early post-war America, at the behest of Ivy League academics, the U.S. Government was subsidizing extremely unethical research in the control of human behavior. Experiments on human behavior conduced at Ivy League Universities where the data was kept highly proprietary was only recently exposed by Rebecca Lemov in her book "World As Laboratory: Experiments with Mice Mazes and Men."

Yet another field was coming into focus that might provide a more permanent solution to dissidence and non-compliance: Virology. The human genome had not yet been discovered, but scientists were following a hot lead: Diseases of the brain that inhibited defiance, caused by viral infections.

In 1947, an infection was discovered in Uganda that inhibited the growth of the human brain. It was isolated by none other than scientists working for the Rockefeller Foundation. Now it's available for sale. Not necessary anymore since it's quickly being spread by Mosquitoes and sexual activity.

Zombie Nightmares

Last night for the first time since I can remember I had a zombie nightmare.

The plot was a mix of Walking Dead and Z-Nation (which is just keeps getting crazier and funnier)

Anyway, I was escaping from a building that was going to be destroyed by a nuclear device. I made through one blast door and sealed it, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough so I went thought another and suddenly found myself outside, which was probably worse.

I was relieved to find an armored personnel carrier and thought that might be my best chance. I wasn't thinking about the fact that I would be cooked inside as close as I was to the building.

I climbed up on the vehicle and popped open a small turret hatch and was met with a solid white mass of what looked like snow covering the hole. Only it wasn't snow, it was mold.

I pushed the spongy mass of mold into the tank and saw the top of a head beneath. I held my breath and listened carefully. There was no sound of rustling beneath and I saw no movement. All the while thinking of the countdown to nuclear detonation, and imagining the entire inside of the vehicle coated with the white, spongy mold. After all, bodies decomposed in there.

I closed the small hatch then unlatched the heavier, larger hatch. I was going to have to pull out a decomposing corpse and I didn't have gloves on.

What I saw next I tried to recreate in Photoshop. I managed to crush the zombie's skull with a large stone, then I woke up.

The Stipend

The alarm went off at four thirty in the morning. Mike had to get up this early because he was scheduled to open the store. Not much sleep because he had to close the night before. It was the first week of January in the year twenty seventeen. It was twelve degrees below zero, dark, and a quarter inch of solid ice coated Mike's car.

Mike stared out the window overlooking the frozen parking lot with a hot cup of coffee. He was going to be late. He worked in the lumber department of a home improvement store. He only the week before was on the night crew unloading trucks and stocking shelves. His pay went up thirty five cents to around eight dollars per hour. 

Mike was about to put down his full cup of coffee and race to get dressed when something dawned on him. Some strange intuition drove him to his computer. He was getting direct deposit from work and was so fully conditioned to live within his means that his debit card hadn't been declined for over a month. Mike had to check his balance.

There were deposits from the United States Treasury for twenty four hundred dollars in addition to his meager six hundred and fifty two dollar paycheck. At first he thought it was tax related but the summary description said 'stipend.'

"What the Hell is a stipend?" he muttered aloud. He Googled it, then immediately left a voice-mail on his supervisor's phone to say he was never coming back to that shit-stain of a job ever again. He didn't have to, and that day neither did anyone else who hated their jobs in America, because the Sanders administration gave every citizen a national basic income equal to fifteen dollars per hour at a full-time job. Mike's supervisor never heard the voice-mail. He didn't have to anymore either.