Latest Nightmare

I went to sleep listening to ancient history documentaries on YouTube. Nightmare's ensued. Aside from the Badger with the head of a Warthog snapping at my ankles from under my rickety front steps, I was still reeling from being stuck on the beach surrounded by the predators. This family in a camper saw my plight and quickly backed up through the gauntlet of gnashing teeth and I was able to only climb up the rear ladder before I was swarmed from below. The camper got stuck in the sand. The animal preserve was closed.

The Weird Lada Curse of Russian Dash-Cam Videos

Late One Night, waking up in a dreary hangover, I started browsing YouTube and happened upon a series of channels featuring car dash-cam videos of accidents.

It was compelling and satisfying being judgmental about the bad driving habits of other people, watching them submit violently to their karma.

There were many mishaps from new, ignorant drivers, but what was most disturbing is the statistical anomaly that one particular type of car would be involved in accidents, or, at least be present in a video where an accident would occur.

Maybe they are just everywhere, but it just seemed strange to me. Here are some of the YouTube Channels featuring such incidents.

Car Crash

Car Crash and Fails Compilation

Crazy Russian Drivers

Mega Driving School