Dirt Law

Once upon a time there was this lovely couple who bought some land in Missouri. They loved camping, but one day someone bought the lot next door and thought the road leading to the couple's land was part of his land. He yelled at the couple for trespassing.

The sheriff showed up and told the man that the couple had a right-of-way, but he didn't care. He would make as much trouble as possible for the couple as they tried to get to their own land.

The neighbor bullied and threatened the couple. They went to the sheriff, then hired lawyers and went to court, but neither the sheriff nor the court cared. So the bully also bought the land on the other side of the road, then blocked the entrance to the couple's land.

The couple had no recourse but to contact a reporter from a large newspaper. The reporter wrote a story about the couple and tried to interview the sheriff, the lawyers and the judges, but they ignored his request for an interview.

He husband said "there's no law there." and frustrated with everything just stayed away.

The answer was staring him in the face. The complete lawlessness of the area made it fertile for anyone of vicious disposition, and so the area was overrun by a motley band of thugs. The bully, the sheriff, the lawyers and the judges were never seen nor heard from again.

The end.