Rumors & Scandals: Issue 5

Conservative Outfitters
Shocking revelation about Carly Fiorina at the bottom of the article.

U.S. News & World Report
Donald Trump Campaign blamed.

Political Insider
Some Tweets from people I never heard of.
It's possible that the PH balance of tap water may suddenly change due to certain maintenance techniques used at water treatment facilities. Highly acidic water may be related to outbreaks of Gout and Arthritis.

Does the world really want to know this?

It just occurred to me this morning that my Gout attacks seems to happen on a regularly scheduled basis. I'm beginning to suspect that regular maintenance at water treatment plants might occasionally cause the PH of the water to become highly acidic.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's time for a
General overview with links to other wiki pages for each film

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)
List includes star ratings and detailed lists of cast members. Bonus: Trailers

The 2014 "Reboot" not on the previous list.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Rage of the Masses

Where did it start? The incessant lies about economic recovery by the main-stream media?

The fact that wages are inversely proportional to the number of shift hours per week so everyone is basically in poverty no matter the hourly pay rate?

The fact that international trade deal after trade deal has always resulted in job losses, trade deficits and lower commodity prices for America?

The fact that foreign millionaires and billionaires can buy American citizenship?

The fact that companies create a "skills gap" myth so they can import foreign labor under H1B work visas?

The fact that the right to free speech is used as bait by police to brutalize and intimidate citizens exercizing that right?

The fact that foreign corporations are buying up most of the properties that went bankrupt in the housing crisis?

Perhaps it's because the alternative media is exposing the Donor Class that controls both Democrat and Republican politicians, Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.

Or maybe President Obama's Attorney General never convicted a Wall Street Banker?

Maybe it's the Coal and Oil industries trying to thwart clean energy?

Maybe it's crazy cult leaders trying to vilify science education?

Maybe it's men trying to get between a woman and her doctor?

The resistence to Marijuana as a viable commody?

It's total insanity!

Theatrical Devices

I found a meme about Governor Christ Christie's endorsement of Donald Trump which had a familiar sound-track from an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Vertigo or Psycho, I can't remember which, but it was composed by Bernard Herrmann, so I searched YouTube for the sounds. Here are a few samples.