Are the Seven Dwarfs different types of drunks?

I consider myself a "Sleepy" type of drunk.

"Sleepy" Suddenly wants to go home and go to sleep
"Grumpy" becomes violent and wants to fight for no reason.
"Sneezy" is preoccupied with sneezing or other bodily functions.
"Doc" becomes overwhelmed with a need to help others, goes around asking if everyone is "okay."
"Bashful" recedes into the shadows, never to speak but later greatly regrets he or she never spoke.
"Dopey" slurs his speech and changes topics of conversation at lightning-speed.
"Happy" starts laughing every time someone finishes a sentence.

These three additions are from the show Once Upon a Time:
"Stealthy" Lurks around the various groups trying to pick up on conversations.
"Bossy" starts to worry about the neighbors and whether or not they will call the police.
"Watchy" becomes paranoid about everything, especially his or her appearance.