Dream: The lightning of the molten moons

As best I can recall in this dream, it was a cool, partly cloudy evening at what I now can assume was some sort of picnic, carnival or farmers market near a street or a park. As far as I could see there were tables and booths. I never saw so many people crowded into one place and enjoying it.

I was sitting with a friend at one of the crowded picnic tables. He had fried chicken and coleslaw. It made me hungry so I got up and went browsing through a sea of serving tables and booths serving all kinds of food. I reached into my pocket for my wallet. It wasn't there. As I was walking out of the park I looked up and saw something the filled me with dread. The moon was the color of slate with cracks glowing reddish orange. Behind the moon and slightly to the right was another larger moon and they shared what looked like lightning. There was a ring of debris expanding around them.

I went back to my friend's table and he tossed me his car keys. My appetite was overshadowed by dread and anguish. I kept looking up at the moons slowly destroying each other, debris spreading wider. I reached the edge of the park and the keys were gone. I surveyed the massive crowd of people milling about and was overcome with a sense of hopelessness that I would ever find the keys so I just walked home. In the living room I found another friend laying on the couch staring at the TV.

There was nothing to do but go about our every day lives and not think about the falling molten moon debris.