The takeover

I had a crazy "Planet of the Apes" like dream last night where I had to find a hiding place from an invasion force of primates. The neighborhood was teaming with gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees. They moved through the street like a giant hairy pyroclastic flow.

I hid in a closet behind a pile of clothes. At first I heard growing sounds of car alarms, smashing glass and metal, then I heard shreiking and thumping footsteps growing closer. The hairy horde exploded through the front doors and windows and seemed to pass by me. I thought for a moment that I would escape until a big hairy hand reached over the pile of clothes and grabbed me by the back of the neck.

After that I remember little of my dream except the feeling that I was under constant supervision. At one point I was sifting through debris looking for shoes. At another point I remember trying to get a cup of coffee and I picked a large mug out of the cupboard. I worried about being perceived as greedy for picking such a large cup. I didn't know what the punishment might be so I put it back and got a smaller cup. After than I don't remember.