The shadows in the moonlight

Once upon a time there was a man who was fed up with brutal paramilitary corporate security squads who were funded by tax payers, beating down and barricading peaceful protesters. He collected the private data on the jack-booted shock troops, including instructions on drawing them into traps and along with instructions to the various revolutionary factions.

After collaborating online with his minions, he realized he didn't need to use direct confrontation at all. A whistle blower released private data that enable squads of revolutionaries to act simultaneously at any given moment regardless of the situation, simply because the ratio was well over ten to one.

The key was the element of surprise by everyone acting at exactly the same moment.

He didn't know what to do with all of his data so he simply encrypted and uploaded the information to several servers then created embargoed blog posts with links to the data. The embargoed posts would trigger unless he checked in and extended the transmit date. Every week or so he signed on and extended the dates to whenever he felt he needed to next check in. Hopefully he won't forget about them, or be otherwise unable to delay the transmission. 

It turned out he wasted his time. He didn't need to work so hard planning because everyone else was fed up and acted all at once anyway, like tree branches bending in the breeze casting shadows in the moonlight. The evil vanished without a trace overnight.

The end.