New Ghost Effect?

Here's something I have not seen yet in any scary movie: Ghosts which can only be seen in reflections. Kind of the opposite of Vampires. It requires a very expensive set design due to the complexity required to render accurate reflections.

It may require something like a hallway with a transparent floor, but with reflective surfaces on the sides and ceilings, on both the upright and upside-down renderings of the hallways.

Actors will wander across the transparent floor, being recorded by an upside-down camera, creating the illusion that direct observation of someone in the room is impossible, yet the mind will approximate their position in the room by peripheral reflections. It should create a highly disturbing effect.

Drone Harvest

Near the end of the second world war and despite the Geneva Convention's banning of chemical warfare, scientists backed by capitalist elites were fervently searching for ways to fight Communism or at the very least, control the masses.

It was long understood that Mercury and Lead caused madness and dullness of mind, but the masses were highly aware of such toxins and regularly elected officials who fought against the spread of such contaminants, with respect to Thomas Midgley Jr. who imbued gasoline with lead for the sake of "preventing engine-knock in the internal combustion engine," brilliant! It created a generation of highly productive subservient workers who built the biggest economy in the world. It wasn't until 1986 that Lead was banned from gasoline.

Still, back in early post-war America, at the behest of Ivy League academics, the U.S. Government was subsidizing extremely unethical research in the control of human behavior. Experiments on human behavior conduced at Ivy League Universities where the data was kept highly proprietary was only recently exposed by Rebecca Lemov in her book "World As Laboratory: Experiments with Mice Mazes and Men."

Yet another field was coming into focus that might provide a more permanent solution to dissidence and non-compliance: Virology. The human genome had not yet been discovered, but scientists were following a hot lead: Diseases of the brain that inhibited defiance, caused by viral infections.

In 1947, an infection was discovered in Uganda that inhibited the growth of the human brain. It was isolated by none other than scientists working for the Rockefeller Foundation. Now it's available for sale. Not necessary anymore since it's quickly being spread by Mosquitoes and sexual activity.

Zombie Nightmares

Last night for the first time since I can remember I had a zombie nightmare.

The plot was a mix of Walking Dead and Z-Nation (which is just keeps getting crazier and funnier)

Anyway, I was escaping from a building that was going to be destroyed by a nuclear device. I made through one blast door and sealed it, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough so I went thought another and suddenly found myself outside, which was probably worse.

I was relieved to find an armored personnel carrier and thought that might be my best chance. I wasn't thinking about the fact that I would be cooked inside as close as I was to the building.

I climbed up on the vehicle and popped open a small turret hatch and was met with a solid white mass of what looked like snow covering the hole. Only it wasn't snow, it was mold.

I pushed the spongy mass of mold into the tank and saw the top of a head beneath. I held my breath and listened carefully. There was no sound of rustling beneath and I saw no movement. All the while thinking of the countdown to nuclear detonation, and imagining the entire inside of the vehicle coated with the white, spongy mold. After all, bodies decomposed in there.

I closed the small hatch then unlatched the heavier, larger hatch. I was going to have to pull out a decomposing corpse and I didn't have gloves on.

What I saw next I tried to recreate in Photoshop. I managed to crush the zombie's skull with a large stone, then I woke up.