Scary Animals in the News

Man controls an army of Rats to do his bidding.

The 2003 remake of Willard

The sequal to Willard with a revenge against bullies theme.

Chiller TV
Nature has had enough of humans.

There's a new version currently in development

Researcher taunts crows that ponder revenge.

In return for food, Gabi Mann gets some bizarre gifts from her feathered allies.

The last two stories in the box are real. If you're planning on wearing a Michael Myers "Halloween" costume next Halloween around Seattle, you might want to wear safety goggles too.

There are some crows that recently developed a kind of 'attitude' for such a look. Watch Out!

The Ben Carson Show

USA Today
Ben Carson's campaign admitted to Politico, so "report says..."

...did not occur as he previously described.

Fox News
On Facebook, Fox News writes "West Point officials confirmed that there is no record of Dr. Ben Carson ever applying to the elite military academy."

Raw Story
Carson’s theory first came to light when Buzzfeed found a video of his commencement speech at Andrews University

Ben Carson recalled the moment he became close to God.

Google+ Collection
I don't know if people who are not members can see this. If not, sorry.

Look, I don't have the time to keep up with Ben Carson's plethora of Gaffes.

He's allegedly passing Donald Trump in some crazy poll that the main-stream media likes to cite, but I think they're only doing it to stir Trump's pot and make Trump spend even more campaign money on advertising.

I can't see any other reason that Ben Carson would remain a candidate, other than to garner cash from other candidates when the media proclaims him ahead of everyone else.