Work Visas

Jeff downloaded an App to his iPad that tested the speed of the current Internet Service Provider he was using. The goal was to go around to all the coffee shops and restaurants providing wireless Internet service and write reviews about using public Internet access.

Jeff set up an outline of issues faced by the public interacting at various locations, such as seating arrangement, glare, noise, foot traffic around the tables, the types of customers, and finally the Internet speed itself at that location.

As Jeff ventured forth unto his first Starbucks, he ordered his Venti Iced Mocha Frappuccino and began his survey while waiting, with the Internet speed test. He launched the application and in fumbling with the device accidentally tapped the "Global Stats" icon which opened a window featuring the "Top Countries WiFi."

The United States was nowhere to be found on the top ten list of public WiFi. Public WiFi access in the United States averages less than five Megabits per second, while number ten in the world is Australia at 7.97 Mbps.

This information bothered Jeff so much he discontinued is task and sat staring out the window, slurping down his Frappuccino. The brain freeze was a welcome sensation to his existing headache.

'Why is the Internet so slow in the United States compared to the rest of the world?' Jeff thought. 'Even Ukraine is 8.45 Mbps!' Jeff shook his head in disbelief. The Internet was started in the United States and was a strategic asset much like the Federal Interstate Highway system that Dwight Eisenhower established. Why would the Internet in the U.S. be so neglected?

Something dawned on Jeff. He wondered what our roads, highways, bridges and rail systems might be like if the United States only temporarily imported underpaid workers from foreign countries and then sent them home again when the work was finished. He wondered how loyal to the job and country, are the current outsourced overworked underpaid workers.

Why would they create an advantage for the U.S. over their own country in anything at all?

The End.