They own you now

One day the people rose up against the nobility. The Nobility of that era were defined as anyone who succeeded in acquiring wealth by manipulating the government to its own ends, creating barricades in their wake for anyone else seeking success, and distorting public education by manipulating curriculum.

Military service personnel were fed up with the corporatocracy and appointed a ruler who made it his priority to seize the Cayman Islands to start. Around the world every enlisted, drafted or conscripted individual suffered the same, so they united globally in their effort to seize the riches of the "nobility."

The nobility had their own private mercenaries who harassed and disappeared the families of the global revolutionary military. They also shut down the Internet, but it was already clear to the people whom they should eliminate and it made no difference. The Internet was back up within hours anyway, and the big red cut-off switch was put on display with the bloody hand of the gentry who pushed it. Everyone LOL'd.

There was a big white truck that parked on Pennsylvania Avenue. A giant hydraulic press was welded to the back, and a huge blade that was sharpened to perfectly, cleanly chop telephone poles into smaller sections, began to demonstrate on some of the long wooden poles. "Ker-Chunk!" went the hydraulic chopper, and everyone around was shocked at the efficiency of the great machine.

Then a large dark blue school bus pulled up along side, and the first of many "nobles" was lifted out of the back kicking and screaming and carried over to the machine, a revolutionary guardsman gripping each arm and leg. The noble was not gagged for the effect of his pleadings. The audience was looking at the other nobles on the bus, watching their expressions as the machine mechanically beheaded the nobles one-by-one.

It was a nice dream, but more humanely, the money was seized and everyone who had an offshore bank account was exiled to the location of their bank forever and left with around $100 and became indentured servants to the locals there. They were never allowed to travel or do business in the United States again.