Galactic Equator

Ron was in the back yard watering the grass. He was frustrated because the grass seed planting was just around Memorial Day, and grass planted in the spring doesn't grow well in direct sunlight. The grass in the shade was doing fine. In the areas where the sun hit the ground for most of the day there were sparse blades of grass, weeds, and large exposed areas of dirt, with huge cracks, well, cracks in the ground of a size that could accommodate one's lose change.

The dry soil was almost the color of ash from a charcoal grill, devoid of real nutrients. This was the status of the soil all over the developed world. The nutrients in the soil have for the most-part been sequestered by humans who at the end of their lives sealed themselves and their valuable store of nutrients far from nature in concrete tombs. Ron aimed the hose at the desolate cracks. They filled and drained. It was futile.

Ron suddenly felt a little dizzy. He thought he was going to pass out. He was looking at the ground under the tree and saw the shadows of the trees doubled. He saw this before when he saw the shadows develop crescent shapes as the sun was entering a total eclipse, but now there was the sun and some additional distorted bright shape.

There appeared to be two suns casting shadows this time. Ron looked skyward and saw a second sun in the sky, but it was distorted, like a reflection of a sun on the ocean at sunset, only this ocean apparently spanned across space. It was August of 2012.


The premise is that a huge energy barrier is created along the galactic equator and our solar system passes across this space with the Mayan Calendar resetting. Waiting on the other side is an area of space filled with teaming civilizations.

It could be the horror of the sun disappearing beyond the veil, rendering the earth a frozen Hellscape, or it could be vindication for "Chariots of the Gods." fiction. I'll probably never get to it. I imagine that someone already has anyway.

Hey, at least there's the earth quake on the East coast.