The Electric Car

Once upon a time an electric car was invented. The inventor said that it was the cleanest automobile on the road because there were no emissions!

Most people thought it was fantastic and despite the extremely high cost, they went out and bought themselves electric cars.

One day, an entire neighborhood suddenly blacked out. It was the middle of summer and nobody could understand why the local powerplant was no longer capable of providing power to the city, despite expanding it's generator capacity.

Well, it turns out that electric cars draw roughly the same amount of electricity as small homes when they are charging.

Oh, and the power plant providing the electricity to charge the new electric cars, is a coal-burning power plant.

So the neighbors in the nice clean subdivision all went to the big hardware supercenter store and bought gas powered generators so they could charge their cars and still have electricity to run their home air conditioning in the summer.

The end.

The Jacob Marley back story

The classic Jacob Marley type ghost is cursed to walk the earth with all the karma baggage from life.

Do ghosts also carry with them the marks of their demise? This one appears to have some kind of horrifying disfigurement.

Karma's bad enough when you're alive, but it passes by with time, right? Doesn't karma happen and then disappear into the past?

Maybe karma walks itself down the street and ducks into an alley, then turns around and follows behind you, making sure you don't see it. Maybe it tries to catch up to you but cannot as long as you keep moving and keep breathing. Then it swallows your soul as you lie trapped in your cold grave.

This ghost seems to be overflowing with rage and frustration. He would like to reach out and squeeze the life out of everything, but he's trapped forever in his netherworld. His karma swirling about him forever taunting and torturing him.

What's your karma?